Our cruise in October in Croatia

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Our cruise in October in Croatia
Among the tourist Place in the world
Split is the very first town we’ve visited in our trip and we’ve heard that the location is well-known for yachting. Have a ride and we proposed to take a yacht, once we reached the seashore. We looked for an affordable price and the yachts were available in rentals and eventually we’ve got one and begin our journey into the sea. It was a gorgeous experience to travel in a yacht charter. That must be experienced by everyone on earth at least once in their lifetime. We have seen with many tiny islands and it was like an adventuresome excursion we’ve seen in many movies.
After an exciting day at split, we’ve moved to Trogir which is another gorgeous spot in Croatia. Since there are lots of historical architectural buildings, individuals in the Croatia are named this city as city. People in the area keep the city beautiful and quite clean.
Pula is one of the Croatia cities which is located in the coastline. It’s a wonderful place along with the perspectives in the seashore will be outstanding. We were astounded by those things once we reach there. We moved into the sea and took a sailing boat. We waiting to view the sunset and stopped the ship. It was such a heavenly and divine experience by being in the center of the ocean to have a look. It gives feeling that is indescribable to us in that time and everyone who visits pula need to observe this view.
Dubrovnik is a nice place and it includes many places. This was the next place we’ve visited after pula. By visiting this place, we could get to learn more about Croatia and Croatia (Croatian) language because there are lots of museums and they are having lot of historical elements. That was a fantastic experience to see the museums. Also it is a great spot for shopping and meals. There were lots of restaurants and we visited few of them for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food they served was exceptional in the taste. People would pay any price for a food recipes.