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Nowadays, people are looking for a unique place to spend holidays. The Croatia is a fantastic place for cultural tours that beyond your expectations with beautiful beaches and pure shores of the Adriatic Sea. People who wish to find something more about the beautiful Mediterranean country, the Croatia is a great option to spend vacation that will surely savoured long after your holidays end. There are lots of exclusive and most important sightseeing places hidden in Croatia that you can find only by the locals.

Velmundi Yacht Charter in Croatia

Last month, we had a cultural trip to Croatia and proud about the extremely rich and versatile history of the country. Actually, the Croatia is a small country that involves more popular tourist countries in Europe. Once we planned a trip, we started our quest for cultural experience by booking unique cultural tours in Croatia. If you are not interested to see the parts of Croatian history, there are several entertaining sightseeing places and beautiful beaches available in Croatia. Even they offer a number of yachts, catamarans, motor boats and yacht charters for rental so you can buy any number of yachts based on your needs. These yachts help to visit the vast number of beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Yacht charter in Croatia

If you are more of an active type, you just enjoy the various adventure tours like Croatia. Before starting from your hometown, you have to keep remember to take all important things especially camera. After we returned back from the Croatian holidays, we just had seen the pictures of white sand and beach clubs in the tourist hot-spots and other pictures which give me an unforgettable lifetime experience to all of us. However, there are many ways to visit this country, so you will always search for more and probably enjoy all of them.

Charter Croatia

No matter what you plan, really the best way to sail in Croatia on a monohull, catamaran are any other bareboat charter is to check this website and sources below and find best reviews, possibilites how to rent yacht in Croatia. That would help.

There are a few sources, which we could quote: Is it better to Rent yacht Last Minute or to charter it First Minute? This is true, that sometimes you can find really good offers with great Last Minute discounts, but think about it differently: these are yachts, like old Bavaria 36, which nobody wanted! Which were the whole season very, very expensive. And now they become available and quite cheap. But are they really cheap or just their price is now normal thanks to this Last Minute discount? Think about. Interesting sources for yacht charter in Croatia are the following websites:

Yacht charter Croatia – best source of Last Minute discounts and all bareboat charters. It is online all the time, whenever the price changes or availability.

http://croatia.hr/ – great source of info about yachting in Croatia